Validating our designs with good reason.

We test our designs for maximum comprehension, quality and effect.

Demograph™ is a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio specializing in visual communications for organizations and individuals focused on helping people, animals and the environment. We also work on our own projects that we feel will help benefit those that need it, keep people safe, build awareness for causes we believe in, and generally keep focused on the notion that as designers we have a responsibility to do good in the world. We utilize design testing and validation to ensure that our work is achieving a high level of comprehension and effectiveness. We don't rely on our subjectivity to make critical design decisions. Our Demograph™ Reports provide us with testing and market feedback for our designs, giving us insight on what everyday people have to say about our design work and whether they understand what we're trying to achieve.

Meet The Creative Director And Founder Of Demograph™

Luciano S. De Monte

Creative Director, Graphic Designer

A graduate of the Digital Imaging Training Centre at Humber College's North campus (2000) after attending Humber College for Marketing, Luciano stayed on as a teacher's assistant to further develop his understanding of the educational process and general design principles. His thorough knowledge and understanding of design, applications, production, project management, customer service and workflows allow him to effectively manage and work within a team while still maintaining efficacy working alone.

Some projects to note include a best selling cookbook design, regional health and beauty handbooks, condominium development projects, mobile app designs for the post-secondary educational sector, various branding initiatives for small to medium enterprises and NGOs. Some previous clients of noteworthiness are Queen’s University, Blyth Education, University of Calgary, Ontario Association of Family Mediation (OAFM), Italian Canadian Archives Project (ICAP) just to name a few. View his personal portfolio here.

When he’s not busy with client projects or tending to his family, he can often be found contributing icons and pictograms to The Noun Project, an Online icon repository with the goal of creating at least one icon or pictogram for every noun in the English dictionary. See some of his work for The Noun Project here.

Graphic Design That Helps Those Who Need It.

We are a full service graphic design studio specializing in tested and validated visual communications design for organizations and individuals motivated to help people, animals and the environment. We put to our work to the test using A/B Tests and User Feedback to ensure that our designs are communicating the right message.

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Demograph™ Service Overview: Logo design, icon design, trade-mark design, branding, brand identity design, visual identity, business stationery, identity usage guides, marketing collateral, advertising design, print design, web design, brochures and catalog , signage and displays, brand management and support. Demograph™ Reports test and provide demographic market feedback on graphic designs. Demograph™ is a graphic design studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada focused on working with organizations that serve to help people, animals and the environment. Copyright © 2015 Demograph™. All rights reserved.