Our Work Represents Our Values.

We do work that feels good to work on.

Our objective is to work with organizations and individuals trying to help people, animals, the environment, and help raise awareness for social issues that need attention and need to be addressed. We're so focused on this mission, to help those that aim to do good, that we often take projects on at no charge. We can't do it too often or we wouldn't have a way to feed our families, but projects that we feel connected to, see potential in and have no means of achieving and obtaining the things we can do for them are reviewed. If we feel we can help and that it won't put anyone in a compromising situation, we will do it.


Below are some of the projects we work on. Some are current, some are from the past. Some are for good causes while others are for good people. All of them matter to us.

Graphic Designs For Good People

Ontario Non Profit NGO for Family Mediation Awareness

Non Profit Voluntourism Organization Campaign Brochure

Canadian Non Profit Organization Branding and Identity

The OAFM helps put Ontarians in contact with Family Mediators and support services. The organization is focused on creating awareness towards this viable alternative in conflict resolution and dispute settlement.

Planeterra is a non-profit organization that specializes in life changing travel opportunities by embarking its travelers on a combination quest of travel and community service. This brochure was used to showcase its efforts.

A Canadian national non profit organization looks to identify itself using credible branding. Demograph™ Reports offer insight into how the organization should be targeting a newer generation of Italian Canadians.

Online brand logo for pasta delivery business.

Digital Internet Marketing
Agency Branding

Fresh Pasta Retail Food
Product Branding

Toronto South American Restaurant Branding

A retail food packaging branding project that worked through limitations to generate new strategies to help drive brand awareness and product appeal.


A Restaurant in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood with a reputation for  it's unique combination of South American inspired share plates fused with North American pub fare.



A modern Online Internet digital marketing agency takes a new concept and brands itself through various touch points in order to appeal to it's target clientele.

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