We test our graphic designs to make sure we're not the only ones who think it's good.

Our Graphic Design Process  Evolves Through Three Simple,
Yet Effective Phases Of Research, Design And Development.

Research & Analysis

Our research and analysis helps determine the strategic guidelines and builds a case for the creative and design direction based on the project objectives, check out the competition and explore your target market.



Research on industry, competitors, audience, market, geography, demographics

Questionnaires that uncover the true credible attributes of your organization and what objectives need to be achieved

Information processing

Design, Test, Refine

During the creative and design exploration process we dive head first into all of our ideas based on initial research, maintaining the design brief as a guideline and roadmap for our design and creative objectives.



Exploration of multiple design concepts created using the brief objectives. This is where we actually create stuff. Then we test it to make sure what we think is good is actually good.


Read more about our design tests and Demograph™ Reports.

Production and Application

Once designs are approved we begin the production process. We take final designs and apply everywhere it needs to be applied. The artwork goes through a workflow and finalization process so that it is ready for final presentation.



Workflow process to achieve finalization and file output. Application of approved designs to required mediums.

Final files uploaded to brand management system for easy sharing and distribution of approved files.

We Want Our Graphic Designs To Help People.

In order to do that we need to make sure our ideas don't just seem good to us. We test our designs by conducting anonymous double-blind A/B feedback tests to ensure a high level of quality, comprehension and delivery for whatever our objectives are. Testing helps us get out or our design bubble and see what regular folks have to say about what they see. After all, what we may think is incredibly easy to comprehend for a new road sign might not be the case for someone seeing it for the first time.

Graphic Design That Helps Those Who Need It

We are a full service graphic design studio specializing in tested and validated visual communications design for organizations and individuals motivated to help people, animals and the environment. We put to our work to the test using A/B Tests and User Feedback to ensure that our designs are communicating the right message.

Visual Identity




Trade marks



Marketing Collateral





Info Graphics

Data sheets

Graphic Displays


Graphic Displays


Trade Show Booths

Vehicle Wraps

Graphic Hardware

Web and Online

Web Banners

Landing Pages

Social Media Themes

Web Graphics

Graphic User Interfaces

Web Page Design

Demograph™ Service Overview: Logo design, icon design, trade-mark design, branding, brand identity design, visual identity, business stationery, identity usage guides, marketing collateral, advertising design, print design, web design, brochures and catalog , signage and displays, brand management and support. Demograph™ Reports test and provide demographic market feedback on graphic designs. Demograph™ is a graphic design studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada focused on working with organizations that serve to help people, animals and the environment. Copyright © 2015 Demograph™. All rights reserved.