Science for our designs

Demograph Reports provide feedback and demographic info to help us with our design decisions.

A Demograph™ Report is the key to testing design options for clarity and comprehension.


A Demograph™ Report is an analytical design report that users principles of science such as A/B testing and data collection, as well as demographic information, to obtain direct feedback from potential consumers. Demograph™ Reports come with breakdowns of who answered what when asked to compare two design concepts, taglines, logos, or any other brand component.


Graphs and charts are provided so that you can extract all the information you need to positively affect your target audience  and build a winning brand.


A Demograph™ Report can help determine clarity and validity for designs that require the utmost comprehension.

Every now and then

It’s worth asking yourself whether
your opinion Really Matters.

We can help you answer that question.

Demograph™ Reports use scientific principles like A/B testing and data collection, along with demographic information to provide you with feedback on designs options. Ask your target market direct questions. You’ll get all the information you need to make the right choice for your design.

Which of these two logos establishes more credibility?

Which of these two icons better represents "I want breakfast"?

Which of these two road signs are clearer and easier to comprehend quickly?

Sound interesting?
Here's how does it works.

Demograph™ Reports allow us as designers to validate all of the decisions being made with creative and design direction. Especially those that require high levels of comprehension.

And the results are in…

We ask a simple question and show them two items to choose from. 50 people respond and give us their choice and their explanation as to why they chose that particular concept, logo, tagline, symbol, icon, or any other design component being put to the test.


We get all of the results.

Respondents give us their reasons as to why they chose one concept or design over another. We get all of the information and demographic metrics to help leverage the feedback, helping us to add the good and remove the bad, based on what the audience has to say.

What can we test with a Demograph™ Report?

We test anything that needs to validated for comprehension, targeting and general feedback on our designs and concepts. It helps us determine what will work best for our client's needs. The information contained in each and every Demograph™ Report are the secrets that help us achieve effective, quality design that is driven by what people have to say, removing subjectivity from the design process altogether.

• Logos

• Icons

• Taglines

• Ads

• Banners

• Posters

• Brochures

• Marketing copy

• Product labels

• Signage

• Symbols

• Web pages

• Flyers

• Sales Sheets

• Stationery

• Brand comparisons

Demograph™ Service Overview: Logo design, icon design, trade-mark design, branding, brand identity design, visual identity, business stationery, identity usage guides, marketing collateral, advertising design, print design, web design, brochures and catalog , signage and displays, brand management and support. Demograph™ Reports test and provide demographic market feedback on graphic designs. Demograph™ is a graphic design studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada focused on working with organizations that serve to help people, animals and the environment. Copyright © 2015 Demograph™. All rights reserved.