Gobo Digital Agency Branding

Digital Agency Gobo use Demograph™ to establish it's identity.

Digital Agency Branding

Gobo Digital is a digital agency that decided that it was time to take some steps in revising its branding with Demograph™ using the principles of credible branding. The company itself was refining its service offering, simplifying its messaging and narrowing down its targeted clientele. It was now more clear than ever that the branding of this new digital agency needed to start from the top of the heap by designing a new logo and unfolding a new brand architecture from there.

Challenges and Problems

The original logo had some conceptual ideas in its design that made it feel like it carried a continuum, similar to the infinity symbol. That was one of the things that everyone agreed needed to stick. It gave the feeling of integration and collaboration, which were two fundamental aspects of the business.

Demograph was engaged for the following branding components:

Branding for service offering

Trade marks for service offering

Brand strategy

Brand concept

Creative and art direction

Graphic communications

Printed and promotional materials

Website concept

Brand management

Strategy and Solution

The business had three main components to what it wanted to present: strategy, design and technology, and that all of those things were integrated. All of this work is done and presented on the web. The new logo needed to project that feeling. So keeping the original continuous line, a new logo identity was designed which in an abstract way depicted the letter G as well as what would be a two mobile devices; one upright and the other on it's side. An icon set using the same continuous line concept were created for a desktop monitor, a laptop, a tablet and a smart phone, indicating clearly that Gobo dealt with these devices in many capacities.


The colour scheme was created with intense but professional colours which looked and felt trustworthy. They also looked pretty cool which didn't hurt either. The fact is that Gobo was still an agency and still needed to maintain the cool factor, which everyone felt it did.


Needing to make a serious impact at a trade show, the concept was all unfolded into a series of trade show displays, brochures and other brand touch points making a complete and overall transition to the new brand identity system that would lead Gobo into it's next phase of business development.

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