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We want to help those that need it. Below are some free downloads to help you out.

Free Icons, Symbols and Pictograms

We're always working on something. Usually that something happens to be icons which we upload to The Noun Project, an organization focused on building the world's visual language. Icons, symbols and pictograms are a huge part of Assisted Communications Devices and Alternate Augmented Communications devices. So when we're not busy working on specific projects we continuously add to the The Noun Project and hope to continue to help. If you feel like these icons are useful and help you out in any way, please consider donating a small amount using the Donate button at the bottom of the page. Every little bit helps us to continue contributing to The Noun Project and working on projects that help benefit those that need our help.

You can download all of our icons for free here. If you're feeling generous you have the option of paying for the icons you find useful and really love directly through The Noun Project. Or you can download whatever you need for free from The Noun Project (you'll need to setup a free account) and donate using the button below. Since we often take projects on at no cost, every little bit helps keep the lights on around here and keeps us working on projects that really matter — ones that are trying to do good. And if you have any requests for a particular icon or icon set, let us know and we'll get to working on it as soon as we can.

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