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Our icons are created with great pride. We create them because we love to. We love it so much that we often do it for free and give them away to organizations that need them. Whether it's for an Alternate Communication AAC device, or new branding for a socially responsible NGO. So by purchasing some icons you'll be helping to keep us working on projects that serve a greater purpose. Our intention is to work on projects that are affecting people and the planet in a positive way. Many of those projects are initiated by regular everyday people that want to create change in a good way. Often times, if not always, those regular people initiating great projects don't have the budget to invest in high quality design. That's where we come in. We work with these individuals and organizations at little to no cost in order to help them achieve their objectives.

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Demograph™ Service Overview: Logo design, icon design, trade-mark design, branding, brand identity design, visual identity, business stationery, identity usage guides, marketing collateral, advertising design, print design, web design, brochures and catalog , signage and displays, brand management and support. Demograph™ Reports test and provide demographic market feedback on graphic designs. Demograph™ is a graphic design studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada focused on working with organizations that serve to help people, animals and the environment. Copyright © 2015 Demograph™. All rights reserved.