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A trusted cultural preservation group uses Demograph™ to help them identify themselves.

National NFP Not For Profit Organization Italian Canadian Archives Project (ICAP) focus on Branding and Identity.

The Italian Canadian Archives Project is a national non-profit organization that takes any archive, such as photos, videos, doctrines, certificates and letters that have any historical significance to maintaining and preserving the cultural interests of the Italian-Canadian population in Canada.


Challenges and Problems

ICAP was a national organization that had no identity. After hiring a content manager to reorganize and update their site on a regular basis, it was time to put some thought into an identity that would instill trust into those that could potentially have archives that needed to be preserved. After all, these were sometimes family heirlooms with rich memories that not just anyone would get their hands on. It needed to be an organization of a credible nature, and not having an identity as a national organization was a step in the wrong direction.



Strategy and Solution

Using principles of credibility branding, which were devised by Dr. Bill Haig, a new set of identities were hashed out. In the end two were selected to be run through a Demograph™ Report in order to get a sense of the direction this new identity should be headed in. A traditional version of a logo, which was made to represent something officially Canadian was put up against a more simple, contemporary version of the same idea. The simple version had three archive files staggered and coloured like the Italian flag with the red at the foreground and a Canadian Maple Leaf in the centre with the acronym ICAP.


The results of the Demograph™ Report were heavily favouring the more "official" looking version of the logo. When the board of directors sat down to have a detailed look at the report, they decided to go against the heavily favoured "offical" looking logo option and make the simple, modern and contemporary version the official logo of the Italian Canadian Archives Project, otherwise known as ICAP. The reasons were clear to the board, one of it's main objectives were to start appealing to a younger audience of Italian-Canadians. Perhaps sons and daughters, grandchildren or great grandchildren of the original immigrants that came from Italy to make Canada their new home.


The new brand had it's identity. From there the rest of ICAP's stationery and branded materials used the same credibility principles. The concept was kept clean and simple and somewhat conservative to make it appear as official as possible and to provide some grounding to what could be classified as a contemporary logo for what is an official organization.


Demograph was engaged for the following branding components:New and revised retail product trade mark logoIdentity system toolkitBrand identity usage guidelinesStationery, business cards, letterheads, envelopesOnline brand management and support



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