Retail Food Identity

- All natural fresh pasta food business use a Demograph to make their mark.

Retail Food Trade Mark and Branding is the retail product business for a family owned fresh all-natural pasta manufacturer just north of Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).'s product is excellent. All it takes is for someone to try it to really get a sense of just how good it is. The problem was that the packaging was bland and sterile. The previous packaging had a white label with a logo on it. Labels are printed in-house using a thermal label printer. Consistency was an issue, some retailers wanted the product to have their own store name on it on a blank label, while others sold it as's own brand. The problem was the lack of identity. So the first order of business was to formulate a plan.


Challenges and Problems

As previously mentioned, is the retail business side to a wholesale all-natural pasta manufacturer's business. The original plan was to sell pasta through an online shopping cart, in which people would order their packages of frozen pasta and either have it delivered or come pick up in store. The problem was that wholesalers weren't using the system and still calling in orders or faxing them in, and end consumers weren't using the online ordering because there were logistics issues in delivering frozen pasta.


Strategy and Solution

The solution was to focus on the brand itself. Revise the logo, trade mark, label and provide retailers a sales toolkit to draw attention to the product which was stored in the freezers of the freezer aisle in grocery stores and markets. It was requested that pasta machine icon on the original logo be maintained as we went through the process of modernizing it and presenting it to a new market altogether.



A completely new look was created for the brand. From various design concepts, two identity concepts were chosen to proceed with in running a Demograpn™ Report. The report came back split right down the middle. After a few days of review, the business owners had made a choice to use Option B, the more simplistic version of the two logos run in the Demograph™ Report. Though it was evident he wasn't settled on his decision. We decided that we should take the testing a little bit further.



The next order of business then was to test the overall theme and design concept that was to be used on the new labeling of the product itself. Because we were faced with colour limitations for the labels themselves—they were only 2 colour labels—we needed to get creative in the presentation. We were also looking to gain attention from the freezers and draw people towards the product. 2 concepts were put together and after running a Demograph™ Report on the label design concepts we had found some more insight in the direction that we needed to go. Demograph™ Reports may present what seems to be a clear winner in the A/B test but the real value is in the details. The answers and who provided those answers gave us a lot of feedback to work with, refine the labels and decide on a clear winner on both the label and the trade mark to be used for the new and improved brand.



From there all of the stationery and supporting brand materials was created and developed to be a complete and cohesive package that shows credibility, quality and care for the brand.


All of's brand components are managed and supported through their brand management platform portal. All approved retail supporting materials can be downloaded by store owners when needed without ever having to contact's office or owners for files. Having all branding and design files and templates available online allows for a simple, turnkey approach to managing the brand.


In the end,'s brand is fresher than ever and drawing more attention.


Demograph was engaged for the following branding components:Retail marketing and sales strategyNew and revised retail product trade mark logoIdentity system toolkitBrand identity usage guidelinesStationery, business cards, letterheads, envelopesPoint of purchase retail product display bannersRevised product labelsOnline brand management and support



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