Toronto Parkdale Restaurant

Toronto's South American inspired hot spot uses Demograph for it's identity.

South American Tapas / Petisco Restaurant

A group of 5 friends working in the Toronto restaurant scene decided that enough was enough and that it was time to open up their own restaurant. Three chefs and two hospitality professionals planned their business around a share-plate concept restaurant similar to tapas style, that would be called "petisco". The concept was there but the name and identity was still to be hashed out.


Challenges and Problems

The petisco style restaurant didn't have a name yet and was nothing more than a concept. With the kick-off of the World Cup of soccer looming as their opening date, the challenges were many. Sourcing location had been an issue as well which made the creative process for the 5 partners feel like a heavy weight which needed some lifting. After a few exercises in mapping ideas and sorting through them the name started to come together and they had their winner. Unfortunately, upon further research it was discovered though that the name was already being used for another bar and the guys were looking for a clear and distinct name for their new project.



Strategy and Solution

The partners were instructed to take a timed exercise in reducing the naming pool down to two options. A Demograph™ Report was run on the 2 names and a winner was chosen. The new restaurant will be called MATA—named after the Atlantic Forest which spans across Brazil and into Paraguay and Argentina. A name paying homage to the rich vegetation and bio-diversity of South America and it's cultures. Of course the food was inspired by the flavours of South America concocted in the disguise of North American pub fare. Cassava Frites, Beef Cheek Poutine, Choripan and Picanha Sliders were just a few of the items that were popping up on the ideas for the menu. That settled the naming problem. As soon as the naming situation was all cleared up it seemed like everything else starting falling into place, with the next biggest step being the location. A great spot; a previous, well placed location was found. The renovations began and so we began working on the identity of MATA.


The South American concept needed to be evident in order to keep this restaurant brand credible. It also needed to be something cool, something rugged but something with subtle details. After countless ideas, two options were selected to be tested through a Demograph™ Report. The results were overwhelmingly in favour for the brand identity logo which was ultimately chosen to be used as the new restaurant's brand.



The palette was kept fairly rich and colourful with inspiration drawn from photos and colours of South American flags, spices, food, artwork and tapestry. For the stationery a series of colour sets were created. Each partner chose their own colour combination to give everyones business card a bit of individuality. The colour sets were then applied to other forms of stationery such as the letterhead. Icon sets and badges were created to use on t-shirts and other forms of promotion. The foundations of the brand were complete.


All brand components were managed and supported on MATA's own brand management system so that everyone else working with the brand components, such as sign makers, web designer and public relations consultants would have easy access to any of the components needed to promote, fabricate or build anything that the new restaurant needed.


MATA has since opened it's doors, in time for the World Cup and its been absolutely nothing but positive reviews on the everything from the branding to the food and drinks. The newest South American hot spot scores the biggest goal of the summer by treating Toronto to some of the city's best and most unique dishes.


Demograph was engaged for the following branding components:New logo and identity systemIdentity system toolkitBrand identity usage guidelinesStationery, business cards, letterheads, envelopesOnline brand management and support



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